European law students

ELSA Malta – the world’s largest independent European association of law students. This is an international organization for which students are managed and developed, showing their commitment to international issues.

ELSA Malta and many opportunities.

As an organization of law students ELSA Malta endeavors to offer its members many opportunities for enriching academic knowledge and appreciates the importance of the practical approach to the study of rights. In addition, ELSA Malta organizes seminars, conferences and debates on current national and international legal issues; the contentious courts; Essay Contests, Quiz Quiz, but also provides the opportunity to conduct research and provide legal materials for the publication of ElSA in Malta overview of rights.
ELSA Malta uses its international network of more than 200 law schools in 35 countries in Europe with the number of participants more than 30 000 students and young lawyers. It offers local students a whole range of opportunities internationally: from summer law schools to various topics to internships with some of the most respected names in the field.
Starting lawyers can develop your projects here, start-ups together with like-minded people. Main advantage of this organization is the high confidentiality of the data, the preservation of copyright, since all actions are in a virtual data room, which provides cyber security and the possibility of communication from students from different parts of the world.

The high confidentiality of the data with VDR.

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