European Association gives new opportunities to law students

You can become a true professional in law by working on yourself every day and borrowing the experience of other countries. The European Association of Law Students offers a unique opportunity to grow in their profession.

The international organization of students of European law schools, as well as young lawyers, was organized in May 1981. The initiators of the creation of ELSA Malta were students from Poland, Austria, Hungary and the Federal Republic of Germany.

Today it is the largest association for future lawyers. The structure includes about thirty thousand people from just over two hundred universities of forty European countries. The association is non-profit and non-governmental.

The main goal of this organization is to provide a unique opportunity for students from different European countries to participate in conferences and seminars of international level. Members of the organization can also get information about various legal systems, study the review of legislation in other countries even better, and create new contacts that are useful in their work with young and future lawyers.

Features of ELSA and international cooperation

One of the main areas of international organization is academic activity. It includes scientific work, as well as the study of law and modular lawsuits.

The opportunity to participate in international seminars, conferences and lectures allows students and young lawyers to gain new valuable knowledge. Study tours and law schools are an important step towards development in the chosen specialty.

At the moment, the association has many statuses in international organizations. One of them is an observer at WIPO. For about twenty years, ELSA has consultative status with the Council of Europe.

Opportunities for every member of the Association

Members of the European Association of Law Students have the opportunity to access information useful in the profession. These can be detailed reports on the work of conferences, seminars. Such information can be confidential, and therefore it is important that its storage is as safe as possible.

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The data room for due diligence will help members of the European Association of Law Students improve their profession, gaining new knowledge.