The European Law Students’ Association takes care of cybersecurity

The Association of Students of European Law deals with the study of current legal issues. The main purpose of their activities is to promote the law and legal education of young people. And it is no wonder that the main tasks these ambitious young people set themselves are:

  1. Deepening their knowledge, and developing a conceptual and categorical apparatus in various fields of law.
  2. Legal overview of the current situation in the world.
  3. Exchange of knowledge and experience with colleagues from other countries.
  4. Legal education of the population.
  5. Promotion of legal knowledge among young people.
  6. Reduction of victimization and crime in the youth environment.

The non-governmental nature of the organization allows it to act not only on the political situation but also on social factors, therefore, Elsa Malta is an independent legal organization.

The organization’s website is open to anyone, so interested parties can get information from verified sources, namely from the organization’s website. The information is accessible and systematic, allowing everyone to find what they need in a few minutes. Online advice is available and hotline numbers are provided to help you consult with legal counsel.

Another feature of the organization is the recently created open-source online journal. This is a modern version of the conversation that interests you from the first email. The magazine covers provide answers to current legal issues. You can read comics on legal topics, you can get acquainted with the novelties of the modern world. Everyone will find something interesting for themselves.


The non-governmental nature of the organization has not only the positive sides for the youth but also the negative ones. Funding for the organization’s activities comes from the patrons and volunteers, so it is not permanent. The members of the organization try to save on internal expenses in order to spend more money on the external activities of the union. Virtual data rooms help to achieve this goal. The Experts from say that security of information retention and protection against hacking is one of the most important needs of modern innovative society. At first glance, this seems like a costly treat for an NGO, but no, data room rates are more than affordable. The virtual data room provider has taken care not only of the secure storage of valuable information, but also of the comfortable price for each client. These conditions are attracting more and more customers every day.


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