What Is an Open Access Journal?

An open access journal devoted solely to advancing the progressive leadership activities of medical science in support of the humanitarian missions in education, research, and clinical care; including contribution to the field of education and training of medical practitioners. It is an open access journal that aims at disseminating high quality research results in the field of medical science. The main goal of this journal is to encourage the rapid exchange of valuable information by medical scientists across the world. This is done through two platforms: a message board and a virtual forum. This article will discuss the goals and objectives of the European Law Journal Association (EJAA).

Open Access Journal (OAJ): This open access journal publishes original research articles from around the world in collaboration with different organizations. This means that the articles are not published by peer review journal standards. OAJ is very similar to Nature, though the scope is slightly more global. OAJ welcomes original research findings submitted by researchers in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies. Because it is not a peer-reviewed journal, it has less impact on the journal rankings compared to Elsevier journals.

The Role of an Open Access Journal. Like all other scientific research journals, an open access journal aims to publish research articles that are original, peer-reviewed, and of interest to the field of medical science. This means that it is a super subscription journal. As compared to Elsevier, the editors of a OAJ take a slightly looser stance in accepting manuscripts. As a result, the published articles tend to be more speculative rather than purely prescriptive.

What is an Open Access Journal? An open access journal is a journal published by an association other than the official journal of a particular discipline. An example of this would be an AIDS research association. A medical technology association would publish a scientific journal, but an association focused on rehabilitation may choose to publish a peer-reviewed informational guide, instead.

What is an Open Access Journal? A medical journal that is published by an association is considered an open access journal. As such, it allows for the publication of new studies by independent scientists and clinical experts without having the journals undergo any additional peer review. This is different from Elsevier, who reserves the right to approve any published material that comes from a research paper submitted by an author as being of scientific importance.

How Does an Open Access Journal Provide Better Coverage? A scientific article appearing in an open access journal provides more credibility and greater visibility to research papers written by independent scientists and clinicians. It gives recognition to those working in a particular discipline and advances recognition of their work. In addition, an open access journal provides the opportunity for interdisciplinary collaborations between disciplines.

What Are Some Advantages of Using Open Access journals? Although an organization using open access journals is not required to publish research in an official journal, they are often judged more favorably by reviewers and editors. This is because an organization has more opportunities to make changes based on the reception of previous work by other scientists and clinicians.

What are some disadvantages? Although an organization is not required to publish in an open access journal devoted to a particular discipline, it is recommended that the organization at least consider such a move. The reasons include: if there are already multiple published journals on the same topic, with similar themes and styles, giving an organization’s latest findings an exclusive placement can give an edge to that specific journal and possibly increase its circulation among a wider range of readers and editors.