ELSA Malta: broad prospects for novice lawyers

Integration processes in Europe cover more and more life spheres. The association affected not only economics, politics but also education. So the European Association of Law Students – ELSA – appeared. For a short time, the organization was able to gain high status, achieve tangible success.

A bit of history

ELSA Malta is the annual print publication of the Association of Future and Beginning Lawyers. The magazine has been published since 2011. The Yearbook is a legal review and non-governmental. It can be published in representatives of 41 countries that are members of the ELSA.
It all started with the fact that in 1981 five future lawyers from four European countries founded an independent student organization. It is based on students, managed by them. Today, nearly 200 faculties of leading universities in Europe have joined the association. The community has achieved a number of official statuses:

  • Special Advisor to the UN Economic and Social Council;
  • A consultant at UNESCO and the Council of Europe;
  • An observer at the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization.

All students who have joined the scientific community can publish their scientific work in the print organ of ELSA. This may be the first step towards a successful career.

Targets and goals

The purpose of the yearbook is to provide students with a platform for the acquisition and development of existing skills, to facilitate acquaintance and communication with colleagues throughout Europe. Virtual data rooms help conduct online conferences, seminars, webinars. The vdr providers provide seamless online access to all materials stored on the cloud service. At the same time, from different parts of the world, even from Australia australian-dataroom.net, an unlimited number of people can view documents, chat.

Annual Edition:

  • Publishes student work in the field of law, as well as the results of serious scientific research;
  • Provides an opportunity to receive a legal scholarship to the winners of ongoing competitions;
  • Enhances legal literacy by conducting a systematic review of legislation.

The open-access magazine provides readers with the opportunity to use all printed materials for free. You can download, freely distribute articles or refer to the texts of the publication. A virtual data room will help to use the full potential of the collection: the data room provider will advise how much space is needed to download all issues of the almanac. Special software for the data room does not need to be installed on the computer.

Data room services are accessible to almost everyone, thanks to a multilingual interface (14 languages). Besides, hundreds of users can be grouped with different access levels. This is especially true, as the students themselves edit the journal: one can be granted the right to full administration, while others can be shared or individually used.

The data room does not require due diligence – it guarantees complete confidentiality, the security of the M&A transaction.